Seven Ways to Invest in Gold and Silver

Gold bars
Gold bars
In the previous post, I talked about why I invest in Gold and Silver. I explained that I mostly buy Silver coins, but there are many ways to invest in Gold, Silver and other precious metals such as Platinum and Palladium.

Here are seven ways to invest and trade in precious metals:

  1. Own and store physical Gold and Silver coins or bars, aka bullion, yourself
  2. Remote storage
  3. Spendable Gold and Silver
  4. Gold and Silver ETFs aka paper Gold and Silver
  5. Gold and Silver mining ETFs
  6. Gold and Silver Futures
  7. Gold and Silver CFDs

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Why I Buy Gold and Silver

Gold, Silver and Bitcoin
Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

I own crypto currencies, because I have come to the conclusion that money as we know it today is no longer sustainable. I have come to this conclusion during the crisis of 2008. At that time I had the intuition / the gut feeling something was wrong not only with our financial system, but more specifically with our money. It took a few years of researching and investigating until I figured it out. The thing is, part of me did not want to believe it was true. And for a long time I did not act upon the intuition and knowledge I had. That changed last year when I decided to put my money where my mouth is and I started to accumulate crypto currencies. Cryptos align perfectly with my expertises: coding and trading. So I went for it… And with success.

Now I want to diversify my holdings more by adding Gold and Silver to it. I buy Gold and Silver as a hedge or insurance against the undwindled money printing of all of the governments / central banks of the world. Money, or actually, currencies are continuously losing value. That is one of the main reasons I trade / take a trading approach to investing. Large returns on equity are needed just to keep up with the race to the bottom that all major currencies seem to be on.

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