Dave Tromp
Dave Tromp

Welcome to my website where I share my experience Trading Forex, Precious Metals and Crypto Currencies. Trading and Coding are two things I like a lot. And I enjoy sharing my knowledge.

I am a Coder by Day and Trader by Night!

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Hi there,

My name is Dave . I am a coder by day and Trader by night.  On this site, I share my experience Trading Forex, Precious Metals, Crypto Currencies, and Stocks.

To read about why I trade and why I think you should too, you can read this post.

My Trading

I am open about my Trading by:

  • Sharing my trading performance
  • Sharing my trading plan
  • Sharing my trading ideas
  • Sharing the resources I use for trading and investing
  • Allowing other traders to copy my portfolio at Etoro
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Should You Only Trade With The Trend as a Beginner

When you start trading for the first time, it is very tempting to take every trade that comes your way. It is much better, however, when you are just learning how to trade to only ever trade with the trend.

Where to Place Your Take Profit

Ok, you see a nice trade opportunity. And you know where to place your stop loss. Now, how about the take profit order? Where do you place it? In this post, I will show you my approach to setting my initial take profit levels.