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Hi there,

My name is Dave Tromp. I am a coder by day and Trader by night.  On this site I share my experience Trading Forex, Precious Metals and Crypto Currencies.

To read about why I trade and why I think you should too, you can read this post.

I am open about my Trading by:

  • Sharing my trading performance
  • Sharing my trading plan
  • Sharing my trading ideas
  • Sharing the resources I use for trading and investing
  • Allowing other traders to copy my portfolio at Etoro (starting soon)

My Trading Performance

My trading log supports below performance graph. You can find every trade in my trading log.

My Trading Performance in R

My Trading Plan

Every trader needs a plan. Plan your trades and trade your plan! My Trading Plan can be found here. I hope it will show you that I actually trade according to a plan and that luck is a minimal factor in my trading.

My Trading Ideas

I share my trading ideas on Tradingview as a way of keeping a visual trading journal. You can follow my trading ideas as I post them on my Tradingview profile. Alternatively, you can follow my trading ideas on this blog and get my trading ideas by email if you subscribe to blog updates via email.

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My Trading Method

Becoming a trader is a process. Although some people have a natural ability to be successful in trading, most others do not have this.

I believe anyone can learn to trade the markets.

I have spent many years studying the markets, reading books on trading, doing back tests and of course trading. Finally, I am at the level that I make more money then I lose. So I feel confident I can share with you what I know on the subject.

My Free Trading Course

My Free Trading Course
My Free Trading Course

I have written a series of posts as a Free Trading Course about: Getting Started Trading. It will help you get started with the method I use to trade. Below are some article titles, so you get an idea of what to learn. However, I highly suggest you go through the course in order.

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  • Japanese candlestick charts are arguably the most commonly used charts. It has not always been that way. Candlestick charting techniques were only introduced to western traders in the late 70s by Steve Nison. […]
  • Bulls and Bears Support and resistance trading is one of the basic building blocks of trading. Not only is it a basic building block of my personal trading, but also of most trading […]
  • A money making machine? By asking what people want to learn from me, it became clear to me that I should continue the getting started trading series by showing how I trade myself […]
  • Find good trading Ideas This is article six of the getting started trading series. I have hopefully introduced you enough in the subject of trading and investing, that you can start to make […]
  • Tools of the trade In this article I will tell you about the possible tools you have at your disposal for trading. Whether you are building a fence, or building a trading strategy, […]
  • Singapore, home of many Brokers In this article I will discuss Forex and CFD brokers and how to find one for successful trading. Many of the ideas that I share about Forex and […]
  • In this article I will discuss the possible securities you may consider for trading. After reading my previous posts you should have figured out why you want to get into trading in the […]
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More Educational Resources

After reading the series of posts on Getting Started Trading, you probably want to go ahead and buy the e-book The Candlestick Trading Bible. It explains My Trading Method almost exactly and in detail.

If you rather do online video courses then the courses Candlestick Patterns to Master Forex Trading Price Action and Advanced Forex Trading – Ichimoku Trading Strategy Explained are excellent courses to advance your skills.

Trading BibleCandlestick Patterns to Master Forex Trading Price ActionAdvanced Forex Trading - Ichimoku Trading Strategy Explained
e-bookvideo coursevideo course 2

My Charts

My Charts
Get My Charts

I use charting that is independent of the platform I execute trades on. I use Tradingview. As an alternative, you can also use, Metatrader or CTrader. Although, to use these last two platforms you will at least need to open a demo account at a broker that offers the platform and the usage of the demo account is often limited in time. I recommend Tradingview, because:

  • Tradingview is free to get started
  • It offers charting, news, economic calendars, screeners, trading ideas, a trading community, all in one place
  • It offers tools on a wide variety of instruments, like stocks, forex, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, commodities, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies

In one word: it is excellent in my opinion.

My Broker

I use the broker Etoro. (starting soon)

Join Me at Etoro (starting soon)

I use this broker for the following reasons:

  1.  I trust the broker. I have traded before with this broker and I have made deposits and withdrawals without any problems. It is regulated in various jurisdictions.
  2. The broker offers an easy to use online platform for trade execution and trade management. Specifically, the position sizing is very easy to do on the platform. Most brokers offer platforms for trade execution that make position sizing overly complicated.
  3. I have found the instruments CFD prices to be accurate.
  4. I have found the CFD Forex spreads/trading costs to be reasonable.
  5. I have found the trade execution to be precise enough for my style of trading.
  6. This broker offers a time unlimited demo account, which you can use to test and trade new strategies against live markets without risking any real money until you are ready to trade live.
  7. The broker s platform is a true social trading platform that allows traders to follow each other’s trades and interact with one another. I will soon start trading at Etoro, so others can follow me there.

I have outlined some of the most useful resources I use for trading and investing my self. I hope it is helpful. If you have any questions about these resources or the site itself feel free to get in contact with me.