Review of Trading Week 19

This week I entered into 4 trades. There were more trade opportunities, that I did not take, because I did not want to enter into too many trades in the same direction against the US Dollar.

I closed out 1 trade on the USDJPY as it had been invalidated and was not triggered yet.

3 trade are still open on the EURUSD, XAUUSD (Gold spot) and XAGUSD (Silver spot).

My trading log shows the following entries:

2019-05-07XAGUSDShortWith trendDownDynamic ResistanceIndicisionMarket
2019-05-08USDJPYLongCounter TrendDownHorizontal SupportIndicisionbreak
2019-05-08XAUUSDShortWith trendDownHorizontal ResistancePin Barretrace
2019-05-09EURUSDShortWith trendDownHorizontal ResistancePin BarMarket

A Look at the Trades


Silver Stepping Lower
Friday the market closed with this trade in profit of about 1R. I am holding this trade over this weekend. The trade looks good to me. Fridays candle formed a inside bar and bearish pinbar. Also the sentiment among retail traders is bullish and as most retail traders loose money it feels good to hold a position against the majority of retail traders.
Current chart of Silver


USDJPY Chart when placing the buy stop order
Price did not move up immediately and did not hit my buy stop order. Price even broke below my stop level invalidating the trade. So I canceled the order. Currently, a new possible setup long has formed that I will take a trade on with a 1:3 risk reward ratio.
Second change on USDJPY
I have reclassified the trend as side ways and the trade as a range trade.
2019-05-08USDJPYLongRangeSideHorizontal SupportIndicisionbreak


Gold Also Stepping Lower?
Gold seemed to be following the same structure as Silver. Again I tried to get an entry near to the mean and the resistance area. My entry was triggered on Thursday and looked pretty good. On Friday volatility picked up and concerns of (trade) wars put upwards pressure on the price of the safe heaven: Gold. Still I think it is all manipulation by the big banks so I am holding on to my short trade position, although in the longer term I am bullish on Gold as well as on Silver.
Holding on to this short position on  Gold


Trading EURUSD Down From Resistance
I must admit that this was an aggressive entry on the EURUSD. Ussually I enter at the break of the low when going short. However, in this case entering at the break of the low would give a very bad RR ratia on such a trade as the next support was really close. Therefore, maybe I should not have entered into this trade, but I did anyway. Zooming in on the one hour chart, I think price action is looking good for this trade. And retail traders are very bullish on this pair and I like to go against the herd.
Price action on the 1hr chart looks good for my short position

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