Why I am a Trader and Investor and Why You Might Wanna be One Too

No, it’s not because of the Ferrari

I am a coder by day and trader by night! Coding is my day job. I am fully aware that only having a job will not allow me to provide for my family and myself consistently in the long run. This is because most of the western societies are setup in a way to be more and more disadvantageous towards the working middle class. I do not need to be a billionaire to be happy, but our society is becoming more and more binary. It seems that one can either be rich or poor, in which case I opt to be rich, or at least hedge myself against being poor. Trading and investing are my hedge against this trend. Continue reading “Why I am a Trader and Investor and Why You Might Wanna be One Too”

Monte Carlo simulation and trade optimization

I have hooked my Oanda FxTrade account to MyFXbook.com. I have done so to have my trade record verified, but I also use it for after trade analysis and trade optimization. Today I will share one of the ways I use to optimize my trading.

Start of my trading strategy

By default my myfxbook trading account shows trading performance unfiltered. And that is the way it should be, because that is my actual performance. However I started consistently trading the strategy that I currently still trade as of march 2015. From that moment on I consistently applied my strategy daily and now it is a daily routine. So to see my performance as of that moment I will apply a filter, that filters out all trades made before March 2015.
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