How I trade: trading concepts to profit from the markets

A money making machine?
A money-making machine?

By asking what people want to learn from me, it became clear to me that I should continue the getting started trading series by showing how I trade myself and how I produced the results I have so far.

I am talking about trading here, not investing. Investing can take a completely different approach from trading, like buying stocks for their cash flow (from dividends and selling option premium for example) or real estate for the cash flow (from rent) instead of (only) for the capital gain of the asset.

Trading is about buying low and selling high, but also about selling high and buying back lower. This is something I do actively. If you are more into investing, then stick around as well. Many of the trading principles that I will discuss also apply to investing.

And nowadays to be a successful investor it helps to approach investing like a trader.

I believe buy and hold is a dead strategy.

Trading the way I do is at the other end of the spectrum, but it will help you as an investor to shift your mind into this direction. And maybe you will discover that it is fun to take a trading approach in your investing or even start trading yourself.

You can trade small next to your day job, other investments or enterprises.

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Find trading ideas and educate yourself

Find good trading Ideas
Find good trading Ideas

This is article six of the getting started trading series. I have hopefully introduced you enough in the subject of trading and investing, that you can start to make some choices on how you would like to go about trading based upon what fits you, your personality and lifestyle.

I could jump in right now and start explaining how I trade, but instead I will first give you some pointers ad to where I got my trading ideas and how I educate my self. I hope it will inspire you to find your own way and hopefully my future articles / lessons will help you educate yourself and give you plenty of ideas.

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